Cars, Trucks, and Motorcycles

To determine whether paintless dent repair is the right option for your car, truck, or motorcycle; we’ll need to review a few factors:

  1. Is your dent or ding smooth and shallow? Deep or creased damage is more difficult and may not be able to have 100% removal or repair.

  2. Is the original vehicle paint damaged, or is it a repainted panel? Paint that is not significantly damaged, stretched, chipped, or scratched is ok. If needed, they can be repaired using Dr. ColorChip technology.

  3. How accessible is the damaged panel? Accessibility can affect the cost of repair. We will use existing access points as much as possible, where most PDR technicians will create an access point that may affect your vehicles sensors for airbag deployment.

    We will inform you if creating an access point is needed or if we need to remove interior trim. We will also perform pre and post-scans of your vehicle to ensure you & your family’s safety.

 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee


We utilize the latest techniques & technology in paintless dent removal, resulting in the highest quality in dent restoration. The Dent Guy aims for 100% customer satisfaction always, with minimal intrusions to your vehicle. 

Motorcycle Fuel Tanks and Fenders

The Dent Guy is experienced in providing paintless dent repair on anything from vintage motorcycles, to sleek, modern motorcycle tanks and fenders. PDR preserves your motorcycle’s one of a kind paint job or rare original finish. We understand how much you value your motorcycle and we pledge to treat it as carefully as our own.

Not Local or Out of State?

If you are not in the western NY area or out of state, thats ok. Many of our clients ship parts to our location to be repaired by The Dent Guy. Please contact us, if you have any questions.


Hail and Nut Damage

Hail and Tree Nuts can vary in size. The damage can be extensive and costly, ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars; however, repairing hail or nut damage is quick and easy with The Dent Guy. Get your vehicle back to pre-storm condition using the paintless dent repair method.


Use the following procedure to guide you through the process:

  1. Contact your Auto-Insurance Provider; they will be able to confirm if hail damage repair is covered by your policy. Remember, hail damage is a comprehensive claim and does not increase your premiums.

  2. Have your damage appraised; this can be through your existing agency. Be sure to clean the exterior of your vehicle to ensure the best estimate is given.

  3. Notify your adjuster that The Dent Guy is your repair shop of choice.

  4. If you’d like, stop by The Dent Guy to make sure the estimate is accurate & to schedule your repair.

  5. Depending on the severity of the damage on your vehicle, repair times typically range from 2 - 5 days.


 PDR: Skill vs Price

At any point, you’re able to purchase a pair of scissors and cut your own hair. This does not mean that you are a skilled Barber. The same goes for Paintless Dent Repair Technicians. Anybody can purchase PDR equipment and hang a sign. These techs often under-bid the actual work that needs to be done. This is common with techs that service dealerships since incomplete repairs may not be noticed by consumers.

Dan, The Dent Guy: knock down a creased dent, high spot.

Dan, The Dent Guy: knock down a creased dent, high spot.

Paintless Dent Repair is a craft, an art. When learning it can take weeks to months to be able to make small dings 100% again. The ablility of your tech is not reflected by years in business or who they are trained by. It has to do with thier own drive to provide the best repairs.

Check before and after photos, watch their videos, read the reviews, count the reviews; it will always come down to, are you shopping for quality or a low price?